Rising Star? 16-Year-Old Daughter Of Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Becoming A Real Stunner

Date July 10, 2019 17:55

Sometimes, celebrity children may choose different lifestyles. Some remain in their parents’ shadow and avoid publicity in every way possible; others decide to follow in their footsteps.

Some heirs of our favorite celebrities cause real admiration. Not only have they inherited all the best in terms of appearance from their moms and dads, but also manage to achieve impressive success early in their careers, despite the young age.

For example, Lily-Rose Depp. Although the doors to the cinema and modeling business were opened to her thanks to the well-known parents, today, only professionalism and personal qualities help her in everyday life.

Cindy Crawford also has a reason to be proud, because her 17-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber confidently wins catwalks all around the world.

Well, it seems that another rising star from a famous Hollywood family is on her way. The daughter of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carys, is only 16, but people already predict for her a fabulous future.

The girl can boast of not only famous parents but also grandparents, all of which are real cinema legends.

Carys is a real beauty. Looks like she inherited the stunning appearance of her celebrity mother and her father's charm!

With such an incredible appearance, she can already start a modeling career. By the way, as a gift from her mother, Carys received not only beauty but also a great sense of style. She knows how to emphasize the most distinct features of her appearance while preserving a kind of mystery within her image.

Well, we can only patiently wait for Carys to make her first big screen or podium debut! What do you think, what occupation is she more likely to choose? Share your thoughts in the comments.