5 Hurtful Phrases Mothers Say To Their Adult Daughters

Date April 1, 2019 18:12

It happens that the closest people hurt you the most. Quite often, a mother and an adult daughter can have disagreements, although there is still the strongest family bond between them.

5 Hurtful Phrases Mothers Say To Their Adult Daughters

List of phrases forbidden for moms

For a mother, her daughter will always stay a little girl regardless of her age. That's why the parent keeps on educating her like a child. Along with this, phrases slip in every so often that an adult daughter may take to heart, feeling that it's unfair.

In order to maintain a good relationship for a long time, mothers need to watch what they say and never utter certain phrases.

1. "You should learn from your sister/neighbor/classmate"

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Being compared to others always hurts your self-esteem, even if the mother has a noble cause – pushing her daughter to work on herself and become better, prettier, or smarter.

2. "What will people think of you?!"

5 Hurtful Phrases Mothers Say To Their Adult DaughtersTeen closed his ears with his hands while her mom yells at heVGstockstudio /

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Dependence on other people's opinion limits the daughter's opportunities, making her feel threatened and afraid of being different from conventional standards.

3. "I'm tired of you"

If a close one can't listen to you and support, then the daughter will look for understanding elsewhere, even from some stranger.

4. "You can't do it anyway"

Disbelief in your own children can break them and spoil their life for years to come. This is where an adult daughter's low self-esteem starts.

5. "He's not a match for you"

With such guidance, it's unlikely that the daughter will get happily married. Especially, if the mother's family life didn't work out.

The list of hurtful phrases can go on and on, but it's important to find positive moments in the relationship of an adult daughter and her mother. The main one is that your mother is a close person to you; she loves, cares and protects you the best way she knows how. So you should notice her deeds, not her words, which are often said on the wave of emotions. Love and take care of each other!

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