5 Reasons Why Women Shouldn't Rush Into Marriage

Date June 24, 2019 16:54

Some women just dream about getting married as soon and as well as possible. However, after the wedding, our lives drastically change and once day-to-day things become a luxury we can't afford.

We have tried to figure out what a woman loses when she gets married and what advantages are contained in being single.

5 reasons why women shouldn't rush into marriage

1. You have more responsibilities

Before, when you came home, you could just make yourself a cup of tea, crash on the sofa, and watch your favorite TV-series. After the wedding, you won't have such an opportunity. When you're back from work – be so kind as to cook dinner for the whole family, clean the place up, and do lots of other chores.

Generally, when it comes to house chores, there's a fun paradox: a man does more housework when he lives alone, while a woman, when she moves in with a partner.

2. The passion in your relationship slowly wears off

At the first stages of the relationship, you and your beloved probably met up a couple of times a week, made time to see each other in your tight schedule, and literally couldn't get enough of each other. But after the wedding, the passion and fresh feelings gradually disappear and the relationship falls into a routine.

3. You become financially co-dependent

Before getting married, you could manage your money however you wanted. But as a married person, you'll be faced with a thing called "family budget." Also, your expenses will significantly grow as there will be two of you.

4. You relinquish some control

Some women have to ask their husbands for permission to just go out to a cafe with friends, let alone some spontaneous decisions or desires. After the wedding, you will have to report your every move to your other half.

5. Your social circle grows

There are women who have no trouble getting along with their in-laws and their husband's friends. However, not everyone is that lucky. It's not likely that you will be able to avoid seeing your husband's family and pals. That means that there will be a lot of unnecessary people around you who "know better" how you should live your life, what your husband likes to eat, and how you should fold your bed sheets before putting them in the drawer.

It's totally natural to strive to get married, but it's important to understand how your life will change after you make your relationship official. Maybe, after reading all these reasons, you won't feel like rushing to tie the knot.

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