5 Subtle Signs Your Wife Has Someone On The Side

The subject of male infidelity is quite often brought up in society. Their unfaithfulness is discussed on social media, in blogs, forums and, of course, women's magazines. But what about women having affairs? What, ladies don't ever cheat?

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They do! Moreover, studies conducted by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy show that 25% of men and 15% of women enter a relationship on the side.

So, how to discern an unfaithful wife?

1. She started putting her phone on silent mode

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If your spouse has suddenly started "hiding" her phone screen, using it when you can't see, or putting it on silent, it's a solid reason to get worried. What could she be hiding?

2. She spends more and more time with "her girls"

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Spending time with friends is untouchable, no husband has the right to forbid his wife from having her own social circle. But what you should consider a warning sign is more frequent get togethers that don't finish until late at night.

3. She has stopped sharing her personal stuff with you

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Family life is some sort of an oasis where spouses share a lot with each other. Their worries, fears, anxiety. If not them, who will support you in the time of need? Perhaps, a lover?

4. She's become indifferent, her reaction to everything is calm

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Whatever you do, she's not bothered. It seems like she has stopped caring about anything connected with you. You're staying late at work? It's fine, she's had a great time on her own. You've forgotten about her mother's birthday? No worries, she hasn't even noticed. You're lucky if your wife is generally "calm." But in case this is a recent change in her character, it's advisable to give it good thought!

5. She's got loads of her own interests

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She has suddenly got plenty of new hobbies and it seems like she isn't going to make you a part of them. Any attempts to find out more about them are nipped in the bud. She makes it clear to you that there's no place for you in these matters. Sound familiar?

Cheating is something that shouldn't come naturally to a decent person. Infidelity will always be the cheater's fault, but their partner had better find out about it as soon as possible! Do you agree?

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