6 Signs Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Man

Date March 29, 2019 13:44

When you've been in a relationship for a while, you get so used to your beloved's presence that you can't imagine it being otherwise. But this situation can suddenly change if someone else also starts to take interest in your partner.

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How dangerous is the boyfriend snatcher's appearance?

Your power of observation and cautiousness will help you prevent someone from taking your man right from under your nose. Know the signs that can help you determine how dangerous the boyfriend snatcher is.

1. He works late too often

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This is a classic scenario where he's "up to his eyeballs in work," which can only be tackled with the help of an attractive colleague.

2. He has a fan on social media

All his photos are liked by one particular female.

3. She laughs at his jokes louder than anyone else

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A man likes when his jokes are appreciated. Especially in front of other people, in large company.

4. He gets invited to a party

But you weren't invited, although the event was allegedly a "friends' party." So you are not one of them anymore?

5. He's overly engaged in texting

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If your partner thinks it's okay to reply to someone else's texts while talking to you, then his priorities are askew.

6. Gossip about your couple

If you hear an unpleasant rumor from someone about the two of you as a couple, you shouldn't waive it off. It may be an intentional gambit to divide you.

6 Signs Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Manmost thoughtful zodiac signs

You can't predict all situations; they can develop differently depending on the couple. But there is one common rule: in case of any suspicion of a rift, you should initiate an open conversation with your partner in order to get it off the table.

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