Beauty Pageant Child Is Hardly Recognizable Without Makeup. Is Natural Beauty Better?

Date April 26, 2019 14:30

Along with adult beauty contests, their equivalents for little kids are starting to grow in popularity. However, not all people take such events seriously and some even criticize them. While moms believe that they're making their children stronger and opening many doors for them, the opposition claim that parents are causing psychological damage to children.

Today's children's beauty pageants have nothing to do with girls in cute dresses and with braids in their hair. In order to win, parents are ready to dress their child in revealing outfits, do their makeup, curl their hair, and do their nails and eyelashes. Also, adults see nothing wrong with fake tanning and slimming diets. In some contests, kids even pose in swimsuits.

Children have their own social media pages and share their pictures from the beauty pageants from an early age. But when children's candid shots make it onto the internet, it becomes clear how much better their natural beauty is.

Paisley Langworthy

A girl named Paisley Langworthy shares pictures from beauty contests on her Instagram page. She gladly shows her outfits, makeup, and dancing moves.

But in the photos where the girl isn't wearing makeup, she looks much cuter! Don't you think?

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