Being Unfaithful Doesn't Always Involve Kissing Another Woman. 4 Kinds Of Non-Physical Infidelity

Date March 12, 2019 12:50

Infidelity may occur for different reasons. Some people lack the adrenaline rush, others use it as a way to get back at their exes who've hurt them, and there are also those who simply fall in love with someone else.

Being Unfaithful Doesn't Always Involve Kissing Another Woman. 4 Kinds Of Non-Physical /

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However, cheating doesn't always involve physical intimacy. What other actions of your partner can be considered betrayal?

4 kinds of non-physical infidelity

1. Internet cheating

Social media has been an integral part of our lives for a long time now. Even if you don't see anything wrong about "harmless" flirting and chatting with someone online, it doesn't mean that such communication can't be considered cheating.

2. Emotional cheating

Perhaps this is the most dangerous kind of non-physical intimacy. You may become a part of an emotional connection with someone even without realizing it. Being unfaithful in this way means trusting a person other than your partner with your feelings.

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3. Inanimate cheating

The object of infidelity doesn't necessarily have to be human. You can cheat on your partner with your job, hobby, or something else. Having hobbies outside the relationship is totally normal, but they shouldn't take the biggest chunk of your time and focus, or put the intimacy with your significant other at risk.

4. Romantic cheating

While the cause of physical cheating may not always lie in feelings, in this case, on the contrary, a romantic connection is established. It can manifest itself differently: in the form of compliments, looks or subtle gestures. Infidelity that involves feelings may have serious consequences for your relationship with your partner.

Naturally, we all make our own decisions regarding what can be considered infidelity and whether you should forgive the partner who betrayed you.

What do you think about this? Do you consider the listed actions cheating? Share your opinion in the comments!

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