"I'm Mad At You!" How To Make Your Man See That

Date March 28, 2019 10:47

Everyone knows that holding a grudge is a negative thing that spoils your mood. Moreover, all your thoughts become occupied by an internal conversation with your offender. It has a particularly negative impact on a couple's relationship when one of the partners got offended while the other doesn't even realize he/she was the reason for it.

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The right way to be offended so that your man can see it

So, what to do if your man offended you, but you can see that he isn't even thinking about apologizing immediately? Of course, you can be mad at him for a few days, ignore his questions, or dramatically avoid a conversation like he should guess. But all of this will only complicate the relationship.

The best way is to try to explain to the man that he was wrong and elaborate on the way you see the situation. There are a few tips on how to handle this kind of conversation.

1. Pick your words carefully

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Words can hurt deeply, you have felt it yourself.

2. Focus on the particular situation

You shouldn't remind him about all the situations from the day you met up to now.

3. Describe your emotions

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Use "I"-sentences, speak about your feelings.

4. Find the positive sides

Start the conversation by telling him how much he means to you and how good you feel around him.

5. What aim are you pursuing?

Decide for yourself what exactly you would like to hear as a promise.

6. Be prepared for unexpected results

You can't always predict how your partner will react.

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We hope that these tips will help you smooth things out with your beloved. But in the future, to prevent negative emotions from taking over, you need to learn how to keep them in check and understand what lies behind that frustration, what it is that hurt you. You can't offend anyone unless they are open to be offended.

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