Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?

Date April 5, 2019

Mental aptitude is a useful skill that might not be evident, but in fact, it works in everyday life, helping you avoid numerous little problems.

Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?Shirstok /

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Logic is easily improved by training, that's why you need to pay it enough attention. Various problems, conundrums, and riddles are of great help in this regard. If you spend at least 15 minutes a day on solving some tricky tasks, you will do your brain a big favor!

The problem

Today we are offering you to get in some practice for your own sake. Look at the picture carefully, analyze all the details you can see, and then answer the question: which of these women is the patient's wife? Don't rush to scroll down if you don't want to find out the answer beforehand.

Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?

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Do you have any ideas about this?

Are you close to the answer?

Are you ready to say it?

Are you sure?

Then it's time to find out the truth!

The right answer

Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?Cookie Studio /

The patient's wife is the woman on the right. Firstly, she is really suffering, which is evident from her paper tissues. She is crying a lot and worrying about what happened. Secondly, she has a wedding ring on her finger, while nothing can be seen on the other woman's.

Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?

Logical Riddle: Who Is His Wife?pathdoc /

Did you manage to give the right answer? What was your thinking? Tell us in the comments!

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