Male Weaklings: 3 Pushovers Of The Zodiac

Date May 6, 2019 16:54

Every woman wants a strong, confident, and self-sufficient man by her side. He doesn't have to be Adonis on the outside and Hulk on the inside, but he should be some sort of protection and support. Some men are gifted by nature, others, on the contrary, are far from perfection.

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Astrologers have determined 3 male pushovers of the zodiac


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Quite often, Cancers make great family men. When you need them to babysit, cook lunch, or go to help their mother-in-law – they'll do it. But at the same time, their biggest flaws are their indecision, uncertainty, and feebleness. Cancers are very attached to their moms, so don't be surprised if their mother's word (though sometimes it's absurd) will always be the unbreakable law. Despite his abundance of positive qualities, Cancer's wife can rarely say that he makes her feel safe.


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Libra men are smart, reasonable, and sensible. They make great friends and you can never get bored with them. But only a strong woman – one who will put in an enormous amount of effort – can cohabitate with such a husband. She will have to motivate him to do things. Male Libra is rather lazy. For him, everything is easier said than done. A Libra man often says that money can't buy happiness and in this way, he justifies his lack of ambition and laziness.


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Pisces is the sign of men who have their heads in the clouds. In their imagination, they are successful, established, and powerful individuals. But in order to turn their dreams into reality, they need a lot of energy and time. For this reason, it's easier for Pisces to get together with a strong woman who will take care of the whole family by herself. Then he can keep on dreaming about the inconceivable as dreams must come true someday!

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By all means, there are exceptions to every rule, and everything listed above may or may not be present in your partner's character. If he has realized his weaknesses and decided to overcome them once and for all, then no one can get their tongue around calling him a pushover!

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