Model Took A Perfect Shot During Her Labor And Posted It. Followers Picked Her To Pieces

Date June 6, 2019 14:19

The picture of a stunning pregnant woman going into labor caused mixed feelings and corresponding comments. Some people were utterly surprised that she found time to pose at such a moment. But many people were also amazed at how well she held herself together under all the pain.

Here it should be noted that the woman posing before the camera was Australian model and blogger Hannah Polites.

Her Instagram account has 1.3 million people. For them, the attractive woman posts pictures of her family life, showing off her slender figure.

When the word leaked out about her second pregnancy (the family already has a daughter), Hannah decided not to hide her growing belly, but to progressively tell about her life while expecting the second baby.

That's why the pictures she posted directly before going to the hospital was the natural continuation of her picture storytelling.

To be precise, the end of this account, because a few hours later, the woman gave birth to a baby. And, obviously, took a snap with it!

The picture of her on the porch of her house got plenty of comments, mainly expressing amazement and admiration:


who the hell is this flawless in labour I want answers


Wish I looked that calm when in labor haha.


I wish I looked that cute when I was in labor lol I was in sweatpants😂

Pictures of her giving birth were also flawless. A beautiful person likes everything pretty and wants to share aesthetically pleasing pictures with other people, so there is nothing inappropriate about it.

If you remember, Kate Middleton was also criticized on the internet once when she came out in fine feather and totally not exhausted just a few hours after giving birth. As we can see, it's not an isolated case.

What feelings did you have after looking at the model's flawless pictures of before and after childbirth?