Relationship Wreck: 5 Signs That Your Man Takes You For Granted

Date April 24, 2019

Some experts are convinced that there is a direct link between a happy marriage and health. In particular, they claim that family people are less prone to strokes and depression, and go through serious operations with fewer consequences.

But sometimes, it's not that easy to confidently answer whether or not your marriage is happy. Perhaps, your husband has been taking you for granted for a long time and the last bit of passion has faded away from your relationship. Let's try to figure it out!

5 signs that your man is taking you for granted

1. He disregards your feelings and emotions

The man leaves them unattended and makes you feel that you don't have a say in the relationship. He never admits that's he's wrong hurting you.

2. He manipulates you

Every time you make a mistake and worry about it, he does everything possible to make you feel even worse. This is his way of manipulating you, he tries to use your guilt as a means to an end.

3. He compares you to other people

Another clear sign that the man is taking you for granted. You partner should never compare you to other women or use them as an example. This means that he underestimates you.

4. The romance has died

If you've stopped holding hands when walking down the street, it may also signify that there's no spark in your relationship anymore. Try making the first move and start showing your feelings for your man. See how he reacts to that.

5. He treats you disrespectfully

The man doesn't agree with you whether he can invite friends over? It's quite likely that he doesn't care about your opinion. Try to communicate to your partner that you would really appreciate it if you discussed such matters together.

What to do

There are a few easy ways to make your partner notice and value you again:

  • Find a new hobby. Take dancing classes, attend various workshops, exhibitions.
  • Add new outfits to your wardrobe in which you will feel like a million dollars.
  • Arrange some activities in your leisure time, offer your man to go on a trip together. Or, as a last resort, go to the theater or cinema.
  • Spend more time together as a family. It will strengthen your relationship.

Have you recognized your man in the signs listed above? What other ways would you recommend bringing a couple closer again? We're waiting for your answers in the comments!