Twins Took Turns Dating A Woman. She Got Pregnant, But The DNA Test Didn't Help To Determine Paternity

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April 12, 2019 17:03 By Fabiosa

Deception tends to manifest itself, however hard people try to cover it up. In such cases, the deceivers get what they deserve. And sometimes payback comes through financial losses. Take for instance the story of Brazilian twins.

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The two men are identical (monozygotic) twins who have a great facial resemblance. They used this as an opportunity to date many girls and took turns visiting them. One of these romances ended in the birth of a child. The woman wanted to determine the paternity and get child support for the newborn baby girl.

However, the men refused to confess which one of them is the father in order to avoid paying child support. The DNA test was inconclusive as the twins have identical genetic code.

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Then the court made a genius decision – oblige both men to pay child maintenance and the names of both twins should be stated on the baby's birth certificate.

By the way, the amount of child support that was set for the men was twice the average alimony payment. In this way, the judge decided to punish the male twins for their indecent and irresponsible behavior.

How do you like the verdict of the Brazilian court? Do you approve or not?

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