"You're This Baby's Mother?": 50-Year-Old Got IVF With Her Wife's Eggs And No One Believes She's The Mom

Date July 18, 2019 09:54

Same-sex marriages are rare even in countries where they are officially legalized. Conducting the wedding procedure in a municipal institution opens the door before the newlyweds to a world they're not ready for.

The first-priority problem that new husbands or wives face is starting a family, having kids. And despite the fact that there are sperm banks and eggs can be fertilized in tubes at laboratories, starting a fully functional family takes LGBTQ couples vasts amounts of money, time, and physical and mental energy.

Wales-born Dawn Pullen-Lee, who became a mother at the age of 52, has found a family and child closer to the downhill of life, which took her quite long to decide. The woman was unlucky in love and she gave up hopes to have a baby with her beloved. But everything changed 6 years ago, when she met 36-year-old Rebecca, her love, wife, and soulmate.

Rebecca had three children of her own from her previous marriage and Dawn, having been around such a big family, realized she wanted to be a mother for the first time in her life. Medical records will tell what this decision cost her.

Getting pregnant after 40 (and even 35 in some cases) increases the risk of:

  • gestational diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • preeclampsia;
  • premature labor; and
  • the chances of getting pregnant after 40 are almost non-existent.

Apart from that, Dawn spent her life savings to get the costly procedure, IVF, which could cause health complications. But the long and hard path is left behind – and the happy mother, who underwent a C-section, is now raising a son with her beloved.

Despite doctors' concerns that the baby may have a disability or Down syndrome were proved wrong, little Lllywelyn was born very weak. Three weeks after the birth, he fell ill with brain fever and sepsis and he was urgently admitted to hospital with mom Dawn.

Dawn happened to be the oldest mother in the clinic and she was struck down by the discrimination she faced from other patients and staff. She was questioned and suspected that she was, in fact, Lllywelyn's grandmother or, even worse, a stranger. "Are you sure you're this baby's mother?" – a nurse's question flabbergasted the woman to the core, and she said she'd remember this experience her whole life. After this incident, Dawn often got questions from strangers in the street wondering whose child she was babysitting and faced similar reaction.

The boy is now 2 years old, the bountiful Pullen-Lee family keep on making their happy home, and their luck that this one-in-a-million chance worked, gives them even more hope that they can overcome any obstacles.