Zodiac Compatibility: 3 Very Problematic Couples That No One Can Envy!

Date May 13, 2019 12:46

People who believe in horoscopes often blame their failed relationships on the incompatibility of zodiac signs.

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You can laugh at it as much as you want or you can compare your experience with the couples you've met in real life. Sometimes the stars can help people to figure out what's going on in their lives.

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Among the countless possibilities of zodiac compatibility, the following three may be fatal.

Gemini + Scorpio

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At an early stage of the relationship, the signs of Gemini and Scorpio may seem simply a perfect couple. Passion shoots through the roof, the lovebirds are overwhelmed by massive, uncontrollable feelings. But peace and harmony might never come to this couple. These two, like two ingenious sadists, test each other's limits. They will smash dishes, fight furiously, and not make up for a long time, robbing their entire neighborhood from a good night's sleep. Gemini and Scorpio can neither be together nor live without each other.

Leo + Pisces

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However strange it might seem, Pisces is the only sign that can win the heart of the proud king of the beasts and turn him/her into a sweet kitty. Leo in this couple becomes dependent and controlled. He/she will live with his/her significant other, getting completely lost in the person. But as time passes, Leo unfortunately comes to realize that it's not enough. He/she will become more demanding, while the partner wants something light and easy like in the beginning of the relationship. These couples often either break up or one of them starts cheating.

Cancer + Sagittarius

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Yes, such weird couples also exist. Why weird? Because Cancer people are extremely controlling and Sagittarians value their freedom above all. This leads to countless conflicts. Homebody Cancers find it hard to understand Sagittarians' aspiration for new experiences and numerous acquaintances, and they definitely can't take the fact that it's not enough for their partner to just be in the relationship with them – they need the whole world. Sagittarians, in their turn, will be upset that their partner doesn't want to share their passions. This is how these two will be fighting and making up until one day they finally break up. Although, it's highly unlikely as they fear parting most of all in their life.

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