15-Year-Old Boy Became A Prom Queen Thanks To A Daring Pink Mini

Date July 9, 2019 11:53

It’s no secret that adolescence is a troubled stage of constant soul searching. Young people get into subcultural movements, trying on different images and roles. Sometimes their hobbies don’t seem ordinary or normal, but we have to accept them and let the youth develop their own personality.

The grotesque is one of the recent trends among young people that's made drag queens and kings so numerous. Men dress up as ridiculous women and vice versa, but in any case, the images are exaggerated and flamboyant with an abundance of makeup and other accessories.

Drag has become one of the main hobbies of Xavier Parkins, 15, who got big media coverage in June 2019. The attractive guy spent hours to look like a woman, and he did a thorough job. But even his own mother probably didn’t suspect that he would choose drag for the leavers’ ball. Before that, the boy had participated in a theatrical performance in a similar disguise to raise money for a friend’s treatment.

The teenager had a specific goal in mind. He intended to become prom queen. We can only imagine how much courage it took for him to appear in this image before his friends and classmates for the first time.

Xavier thought his image through to the smallest detail: a blond wig, bright makeup, colorful nails, high heels, and a playful pink dress.

Although adolescents can be cruel, most voted for Parkins: he was pronounced prom queen. And it wasn’t surprising: he made a beautiful girl, didn’t he?

But don’t rush to conclusions just yet. Drag queens are not necessarily gay. Dramatic makeup and exaggeratedly feminine images are just a way to entertain the audience. Most often, such performers can be seen in cabarets and nightclubs. Many drag queens have strong heterosexual relationships and even families. Although, of course, drag queens may be of any orientation and gender identity.

There are many more myths about drag culture that are worth being dispelled. People do it because they like it. For them, such transformations are a kind of relaxation, a way to break away from the routine.

Drag queens don’t perform for the money: most of them have regular jobs.

It is not easy to become one. It takes serious showmanship skills, the ability to hold the attention of the audience and entertain it.

Dresses and makeup don’t turn these men into women. They think, act, and even move like men. They even don’t have to shave their legs or faces.

Even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the grotesque is a form of art. Everyone should have the right to self-expression. What do you think about this young man? Do you find him brave or just eccentric?