2 Days, 15 Hours, 23 Minutes: A Girl Married Her True Love Before Losing The Battle To Cancer

Date April 24, 2019

There is no worse ordeal than losing a loved one. Regardless if it is sudden or if people live with the knowledge of the inevitable for some time. We have previously covered a powerful love story, in which a girl did a touching photo session “with” her late groom.

There are people who leave their partners after learning their terrible diagnoses. But there are those who become even closer. Nina Marino and Joey Williams have been friends since childhood. In June 2017, the girl was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Both were only about 20, but for Joey, Nina's illness didn’t become an obstacle to ask her on their first date. The couple dreamed of the time when she'd recover and they have a wedding.

Nina desperately fought for her life, but was gradually fading away. Knowing how much she dreamed of the wedding, Joey, close relatives, and hospital staff organized a modest celebration right in the girl's ward. Nina Marino and Joey Williams were married for 2 days, 15 hours, and 23 minutes.

Why do people agree to take such an important step, knowing that soon they will have to say goodbye to their life partner? This is particularly surprising when the couple had lived together for a long time but didn’t plan to get married before the devastating news. Psychologists believe that planning an event of this scale brings relief to terminally ill people: they get absorbed in preparations and arrangements, and they regain a glimmer of hope for a future. Moreover, this makes the commitment even more serious.

On a similar note, what drives people who are just starting to build new relationships, despite knowing that they have little time left to live? Obviously they have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, but they so desperately want to be “normal.” And if they meet true love, it gives them strength to fight, even though they might have already accepted their fate.

What can be said about those who fall in love with a terminally ill person? Someone might consider them insane, but, as it seems to us, it is they who know what this feeling really is. They are willing to sacrifice themselves and just surrender to love. Their stories are truly unique, albeit immensely tragic.

A discussion on whether it is worth starting a relationship with a terminally ill person first appeared on Reddit in 2016.


I'd do it. Knowing that it will end is no different, really. You go into it knowing what it is, and you love the person you love and you make the last period of their life as wonderful as you can, and then you go on with a heart full of wonderful memories. I'd do that.


No, I would suffer when she dies.


Yeah. You get no guarantees. Terminal illness gives you a timeline. Life generally does not. That means it could be anywhere from the next six minutes to the next sixty years.


ALL find love and relationships with someone even if they know there is faster end than normal relationships.


No. Starting a relationship with a terminally ill person will distort the relationship dynamics and make the entire thing unstable to the point where one or both of you will resent each other and be happy when the other drops dead. It's NOT a good idea, regardless of what Hollywood tells you.

When deciding to start or continue a relationship that may soon end, a person is guided by feelings of love, duty, responsibility, compassion, and much more. Yet, the arguments against are no less compelling. What do you think about this?