5 Things Children Remember About Their Mothers Well Into Adulthood

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March 12, 2019 13:09 By Fabiosa

What do you remember about your childhood? Most likely, the best and the worst moments that were carved into your memory through the medium of emotions. The joy of reuniting with someone close after a long separation, the eager anticipation of a gift on the eve of a holiday, or a carefree day spent playing with friends – all these are ‘good’ memories. They continue to warm your soul even after you have grown up.

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Conversely, moments like a quarrel between parents, rudeness, and yelling make up ‘bad’ memories, which can still affect a person years later.

So, when raising children, we need to be cautious at every step. If you lose your temper and yell at your kid, you'll likely forget about it the next day, while there is every chance that the child will carry this memory for the rest of his or her life.

5 things that children will remember, even when they are grown up

1. Heart-to-hearts

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Moments when you and your child have heartfelt conversations will forever remain in his or her memory. After all, these talks formed a special bond between the two of you. Your child opened up about a problem, and you managed to offer peace of mind or consolation. It's that simple, but many moms and dads ignore it.

2. Praising or scolding

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Children have a particularly good memory for being praised or scolded – especially the latter. When you want to scold your child, stop and ask yourself: what will raising your voice change? Maybe it is in that very moment that your child needs a kind word from you more than ever.

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3. When you weren’t there

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And it’s not just about physical presence. Some parents detach from their children; they hear but don’t listen to them. It hurts a child more than getting told off. Little boys and girls may interpret your closed nature the following way:

Mommy doesn't love me. And it means that I'm bad.

4. The way you handle obstacles

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It is a fact that children copy adults’ behavior. If you want to raise a decent, intelligent, and sensible person, just be one! Teach your child what is good and bad by example. As simple as that.

5. Your relations with other people

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Your child will also copy your way of communication with other people. Do you respect others? Are you a forgiving person? Do you help someone in need? Your example will have the strongest impact on the formation of your child's personality. So, again, start with yourself!

There is no harder job than being a parent. Only awareness, patience, and the ability to listen to your child will help you raise a decent person!

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