6 Flaws A Wise Woman Can Fix In Her Partner

Date April 3, 2019 17:17

More often than not, when the infatuation stage is over, the illusion of one’s partner’s perfection vanishes along with the excessive amount of dopamine in the brain, which chemically helped you oversee your special one’s flaws. But don’t rush to end the relationship as soon as this happens. A wise woman is capable of fixing at least 6 shortcomings and making her union better and more balanced.

1. He isn’t involved in raising the children

6 Flaws A Wise Woman Can Fix In Her Partner

The stereotype that a woman should do nothing but take care of the children is antiquated. A father should play an equally important role in his child’s life. Only this way can you raise a confident person with no major psychological issues. Keep your husband in the loop about the kids’ development and then he will be interested to take part. Let them take a walk and spend time together, while you head for a spa treatment, for example.

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2. He is glued to his smartphone for hours

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Often, this is just a bad habit that one can get rid of as easily as that of swinging back on a chair, for example. The main thing is to understand whether your partner is killing time or working on professional matters. In the former case, let him know that this is in fact a bad habit that he needs to get rid of. To begin with, try to delegate him some tasks as he is aimlessly scrolling through the feed.

3. He ignores hygiene

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Hygiene is a tradition that is observed with different regularity in every family. One person is taught to take a bath every day, while the other, once a week. You don’t know, maybe your man was forced to save water in his childhood. Now it’s up to you to break this psychological block and teach him to wash as often as needed. Give him a choice – a shower or a foamy bath!

4. He has no ambition

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Apathy and lack of aspirations are always bad. However, a wise woman can see her partner’s hidden strengths and, most importantly, find the right words to motivate him to take on the world!

5. He doesn’t help you make decisions

6 Flaws A Wise Woman Can Fix In Her Partner7 mistakes that are often made by women in love, 7 mistakes about fall in love, 7 mistakes that are often made by women in love

It is very immature to shirk the responsibility of decision making. But first, you should find the root of the problem. Why is equality missing from your relationship? Maybe because you are too bossy, and your partner has retreated into himself afraid to put forward any uncertain idea because you will yell at him? Try to instill in your home an atmosphere of equality and clearly divide responsibilities.

6. He compares you to his mom

6 Flaws A Wise Woman Can Fix In Her Partnermost thoughtful zodiac signs

You need to make him understand that mother and wife play completely different roles in a man’s life. If he compares you to his mom, ask him what exactly you are doing differently and stand your ground!

As you can see, a wise woman will be able to fix these 6 problems for the good of the relationship. So, listen, observe, and analyze. Then your partner will hear you and will work on his shortcomings!

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