Beach Dress Code: From What Age Girls Should Wear 2-Piece Swimsuits

Date July 8, 2019 16:07

Nowadays you can see little girls wearing different clothes on the beach: some children are dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, others – in a one-piece swimsuit, still others in a two-piece, and there are girls only in shorts. But which way is correct? It turns out that this question can stir up quite a debate!

Children’s dress code and double standards

A 7-year-old girl was kicked out of the playground with fountains because she was wearing swim shorts and a T-shirt, just like the boys. The girl’s mother Ros Dzelzitis told about the incident.

The guard told them to leave because of the girl’s “inappropriate” appearance. The security officer backed his words with a rulebook. It was written there, that boys can wear swim shorts, while girls have to be in a one piece.

Roz was so outraged that she took to Facebook.

When my daughter protested and pointed out the boys, he repeated that “those are boys” and turned to my daughter and said “you’re a girl.”

– wrote the mother.

The child was as upset as her mother, and even drew a picture of the mishap. In her drawing, she is standing aside, while other children are having fun at the fountains.

What swimwear should kids wear?

Parents are not unanimous on this matter. For instance, one mother was relaxing at the seaside with her 2-year-old daughter dressed only in panties. The outfit of the child somehow angered a woman sunbathing next to them. The stranger said that the girl’s nakedness was making men uncomfortable.

Swimsuits for 2-year-olds, especially the top – what nonsense!

– the mother exclaimed.

Some parents even think that bikinis sexualize young children and are therefore completely inappropriate.

According to another woman, her friends’ 8-year-old daughter still doesn’t wear tops in the heat, and the mother is completely fine with it.

What do psychologists think?

According to experts, stages of psychological development of the child, together with the formation of gender and physiological features, should be considered first.

Some psychologists believe that girls need a full beach outfit from 2–3 years of age, others say from 5–7 years old.

Some mothers argue that kids are hot and uncomfortable in bathing suits. But nowadays, you can certainly find plenty of high-quality and air-permeable solutions.

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