Each Son Is Another Dad’s Lookalike: Two Fathers Are Raising Unusual Twins

Date July 8, 2019 16:08

Everyone wants to have children and experience the joys of parenthood, including partners in same-sex marriages. They may even want this more because, in order for a baby to appear in their family, they have to go through a lot more trouble.

Andy and Tyler Fontes dreamed of having a little one from the moment they became a couple, that is, since 2013. Andy’s cousin decided to help them and offered her services as a surrogate mother. In this case, both men wanted to play a part in making their future child. Then it was decided to have two embryos, one fertilized by each man, which also increased the chance for a successful pregnancy.

This strategy proved successful indeed – the couple had twins, who turned out to be half-brothers to each other. As the happy moment of the appearance of the little ones grew nearer, the future parents started thinking about legal aspects, as both wanted to be mentioned as fathers in their children’s birth certificates.

They had to take the surrogate mother to another state to give birth, one where the law permits two men to have rights to their children. They also hired a lawyer to deal with all the formalities.

And then Caellum and Emmerich were born to the overwhelming delight of their fathers!

In June 2019, the kids turned 2 in a loving environment.

Colleagues, friends, and relatives of Andy and Tyler were very supportive of their decision to have children, and the daddies try to spend as much time with their sons as possible.