How Do Jokes And Laughter Influence A Couple's Relationship?

Date March 27, 2019

There are ups and downs in any relationship and this is completely normal. But sometimes people start doubting whether they are right for each other. If you find yourself in a situation like this, there are several signs that can help you make sure you’ve made the right decision. And one of them is the ability to share a laugh.

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They say that we cannot truly love someone who doesn’t make us laugh. There is a grain of truth to it. Partners who laugh together are can overcome stress and strengthen their relationship. Also, a sense of humor can help people resolve conflicts easier. Besides, an ability to make a joke and have a laugh at one’s own expense is an important criterion for choosing a life partner.

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Scientific evidence

North Carolina psychology professor Laura Kurtz conducted research by asking 71 couples how they met and later analyzing their behavior. The results showed that spontaneous and simultaneous hearty laughter was a reliable marker of the quality of a couple's relationship. In other words, couples who laugh together feel closer to each other. On the other hand, those who suppress these emotions are less happy.

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Why is laughter important?

A sense of humor is a very sensitive issue that differs from one person to another. Also, not all people are ready to be made fun of due to fear of excessive attention or self-esteem issues. But it is shared laughter that helps to relax, feel calm, and respect your partner. At the same time, people who don’t indulge in positive emotions begin to feel constrained and dull-witted over time, and the level of trust also decreases.

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Of course, laughter is just one of the building blocks of a relationship. But oftentimes, it is what grows into true love.

And do you often laugh together?

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