How Does The Pregnant Belly Really Look? Expectant Moms From Around The World Break Stereotypes

Date April 18, 2019 18:25

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and amazing experiences in a woman’s life. At the same time, many future moms don’t know what processes and changes to expect at different stages of this wonderful process.


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At the second month of pregnancy, your baby bump is still not noticeable, but morning sickness or sensitivity to some foods can regularly remind you of your delicate condition. At month 5, it won’t be a bad idea to get creams against stretch marks, and at month 6, you can often detect a dark line across your stomach, which is connected with hormonal changes.

There are many stereotypes about pregnancy. Nevertheless, this process is different for each woman.

How does the stomach look during pregnancy?

For you, we have selected photos of expectant moms from all over the world, who break stereotypes about pregnancy.

Here is what the 5th pregnancy can look like.


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That previously mentioned dark line (linea nigra) across the stomach.


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Did you notice how differently this woman’s stomach is shaped in comparison with the previous one?


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Expecting a baby brother or sister.


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Another very unusual shape of the stomach.


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Is it a boy or a girl for this lovely couple?


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The girl doesn’t skip the gym even at the last stages of pregnancy.


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That belly is so big! How many babies are in there?


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This is also a normal shape of a pregnant woman's stomach.


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Week 34.


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All women’s bodies are beautiful, especially when they are getting ready to bring a new life to this world!

What did your belly look like during pregnancy? Did you have stretch marks and a dark stripe? Share your stories in the comments!