“I Know Better!” How Grandmas ‘Spoil’ The Lives Of Young Parents

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March 7, 2019 08:42 By Fabiosa

Being a grandmother is very hard. You know so much and only want to help, while your grown children don’t seem to understand you and are afraid to trust you with their kids.

Newly-minted parents often complain that sometimes the older generation’s care of the kids becomes too much, which isn’t always a good thing. They also say that grandma’s methods of upbringing and childcare are outdated. We present to you a list of most annoying things the older generation does and a great way to resolve the conflict!

What grandmotherly actions annoy young parents the most?

1. Outdated methods of upbringing

Tips like feeding the baby exactly on schedule drive many progressive moms crazy. And there are dozens of recommendations like this that didn’t survive the test of time.

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2. Ignoring requests

Sometimes a grandmother does more than just give advice and without the young parents’ consent gives the child food they forbade, for example. The conversation ends with the argument:

I have raised my child, I know how to do it!

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3. Reproaches that you are a bad mother

Often grandmothers emphasize that young parents are incapable of raising their children well.

I have to teach you everything!

– they say.

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Why does a grandmother do everything in her own way?

Most often, this is due to the need for love and respect. If she lacks the attention of her grown children, taking care of a grandchild becomes her only joy. Finally, there is a person who needs it!

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How to deal with it?

To correct a grandmother’s behavior, first, change your attitude towards her. Give her more attention and communicate with her. If she feels that she is needed, she will be more reasonable with her grandchildren and more agreeable with you.

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And what do you think about grandmothers who give their unsolicited advice left and right, and insist on doing everything their own way? Or are you like that yourself? Share your opinion in the comments!

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