Is It OK When Your Partner Asks You To Get Certain Parts Of Your Body Surgically Improved?

Date May 16, 2019 18:01

When two people love each other, they completely accept each other with all their merits and flaws. After all, there are many happy couples in which one or both partners aren’t beauty pageant material at all. Besides, it is customary to believe that people love not for the appearance, but for the inner world, for who a person actually is.

Earlier we wrote about a girl who had to seek advice from strangers. Just six months into her marriage, her husband stated that it drove him mad to see her smile or laugh. He asked her to get Botox, and this is not the only case when women faced such critical demands from their loved ones.

In April 2019, a Reddit user confessed that her husband kept insisting on her getting breast implants. They got married 6 years prior, and the man didn’t have a problem then with the way she looked. She says that she is completely fine with her small size and she always has been. On the other hand, her husband, like many aging men, started balding. Now he is determined to get a hair transplant and uses it as an additional argument – his hair transplant for her breast implants. But this whole thing is making her feel insecure.

The girl’s plea has been answered with more 3,000 comments!


You have every right to be upset. I would be pissed, personally. Getting breast implants is major surgery, it's not a walk in the park. Have you asked him "why now?"


Every person I know who has gotten a boob job has regretted it. The implants never stop feeling foreign to your body. This decision should be 100% personal. Nobody should tell you to get one.


My wife has boobs like a pair of contact lenses (her term). If I'd wanted a woman with a big chest, and it was enough of a priority that I'd ask her to get surgery to insert bags in her chest, I would have married somebody else. This guy is crazy.


If he wants a boob job, he can get one himself instead.


Never augment your body to please anyone. Worst possible reason.

So why do women resort to cosmetic breast surgery? There are several reasons for this.

  1. Size or shape correction to feel more confident, in particular, after pregnancy.
  2. Reconstructive surgery.
  3. Reduction in size due to certain medical conditions.

Don’t forget about risks such as:

  • probable scarring of the soft tissue;
  • chest pains;
  • decrease in sensitivity / loss of sensation;
  • development of an infectious disease;
  • implant rupture.

Moreover, the implants complicate mammography examination, don’t prevent sagging, and the change in weight may affect the shape and size of the bust. Some women have difficulties with breastfeeding after such operations. Additional surgeries may be required in case of a possible implant rupture, its planned replacement or removal.

Changing for someone else is never a good decision. A desire to alter one's own appearance should only come from within. Regrettably, many women face such requests. What would you do in this woman’s place?

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