Man Stole Millions Of Hearts With His Charming Way Of Soothing A Stranger’s Child In The Subway

Date June 3, 2019

Some people seem to have a special way with children. Even with those who can’t talk yet! This is exactly the case with the subway hero we are going to tell you about.

On May 27, 2019, a girl from Singapore named Nicolette Shruthy tweeted a video of her father making friends with a toddler.

At the beginning of the video, the man and the girl are just smiling at each other. Then her mother, apparently, asked her not to annoy the stranger, which the baby apparently refused to do and turned back to her fellow commuter.

In just a couple of days, this short video gained over 1.5 million views. Twitter users were fascinated by the interaction between the man and the toddler, and an idea of showing a cartoon on the phone was called an excellent lifehack.

One user in the comments said that his daughter is also crazy about Tom & Jerry.

In an interview, Nicolette later shared the details of this story. She recalled:

The little baby girl and her mother boarded the train and took a seat next to my dad. the baby was very energetic and she seemed restless. So then my dad decided to play some cartoons on his phone for her to watch. He figured she’d calm down if she was entertained by something. The baby’s mother was also very nice. She seemed really glad that we were playing with her baby.

What a nice friendship between an adult man and a little girl! This story once again reminds us that sometimes help comes to us from where we least expect it.

What little tricks do you employ to calm down restless children? Share your tips in the comments!