Mesmerizing! What The Kid Of A Simple Russian Girl And A Nigerian Blue-Blood Looks Like

Date June 12, 2019 12:08

The days when spouses were supposed to be of equal status are long gone. Girls from ordinary families marry princes and kings, and international marriages are no longer a rarity, although they are still frowned upon in some old cultures. But still, the world seems to be coming to terms with the fact that love knows no bounds.

Natalya Yisa was born and raised in Izhevsk, Russia. She met her special one during her first year at a local university, but she probably had no idea where love would lead her.

Jacob was a foreign student. The Nigerian came to Russia with the dream of a good education. The first acquaintance with Natasha was very superficial: they only chatted about their studies and almost never met in person. An accidental meeting in the company of mutual friends where the two looked at each other in a completely different way turned everything upside down.

Jacob and Natasha became inseparable, and their relationship developed so fast that they soon were meeting each other’s parents. The young man’s mom, who was the first one to travel abroad to meet the girl, immediately accepted her as her own daughter. But it took some time for the bride's parents to get used to their daughter’s husband-to-be. Nevertheless, there was a wedding, and afterward, it was time for serious life decisions.

Even with an excellent education, Jacob could hardly expect to build a brilliant career in Russia. He would succeed in Nigeria much faster.

Although the marriage was properly registered, the couple had to separate for long 9 months to settle all the bureaucratic formalities that spouses from different countries always face. Natasha decided to follow her husband to Nigeria.

The newly-weds and their relatives were worried about how they would be treated by society. In Africa, the owners of light skin are not in particular favor. They are considered lazy and believed to divorce easily.

Very soon, the young couple became parents. They were probably wondering what their charming little son, Jago-Max, would look like. Traditionally, the boy was given 2 names: ethnic and Western.

The baby took only the best from his parents. By the way, at his age, Jago is much more independent and looks more mature than many of his peers around the world. In Nigeria, babies go to kindergarten very early. By the age of 2, they already can count, read a little, and some even do simple chores. The large family on the husband’s side surrounded the boy and mother with thoughtful care from the very first days.

It seems that Natasha doesn’t regret leaving a huge part of her life behind. She started a blog, where she honestly talks about Nigeria. And it turned out that it’s not bad at all! But the main surprise for the young Russian woman was still ahead. Her beloved Jacob was not some ordinary Nigerian, but a descendant of two respected families, and even a crown prince!

A decision to move to another continent is probably very difficult. Could you give up everything for the sake of great and pure love?