OK Or Not? 7 Things That An Ideal Woman Won’t Do In Front Of Her Man

Date June 24, 2019 16:48

The world is changing and so do relationships between men and women. We started allowing ourselves to do things in front of our special ones that used to be considered the epitome of indecency. Subtle silences, barely noticeable hints, addressing each other by full names – all these things are now mere relics of the past.

Amanda Oleander, an American artist, has become very popular for her original illustrations showing what is happening behind the closed doors of our homes. Each couple has own level of freedom and trust, as well as the degree of comfort in the presence of each other. Women can shave their legs and armpits, and men cut their nails right on the couch. But where is the line that shouldn’t be crossed to preserve some romance and the relationship itself?

Is it normal to go to the bathroom together, walk around the house in underwear, and live according to the principle that what’s natural can't be ugly? There must be some sort of etiquette in the relationship. So, let’s have a look at things an ideal woman wouldn’t do in front of her man.

1. Scattering dirty clothes

Very few people have a laundry day every day. But this is not a reason to throw dirty clothes around on the floor or decorate chairs with it. After all, there is a laundry basket for that, isn’t there?

2. Tooth picking

It is commendable to care for oral hygiene, using toothpicks, and dental floss. But not in front of a man! He doesn’t need to know what you’ve got stuck in there.

3. Nose picking

Perhaps this is even more unsightly than the previous one. When you have a cold with a runny nose, you can’t do without napkins. So why not use them in any other nose emergency?

4. Belching and passing gas

These physiological processes are natural and hardly controllable. But people generally don’t like it when something like this happens around them, right? In most situations, there is a way out.

5. Shaving

A truly loving man finds his woman beautiful with perfectly smooth skin or prickly legs. Besides, tastes differ. But hygiene procedures like shaving aren’t always pretty. Like much of what we do in the bathroom, right?

6. Any procedures to do with the skin

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive. We use exfoliators, masks and, let's be frank, at times we even pop pimples and squeeze blackheads. But you shouldn’t do any of this in front of your man! We don’t want the image of our faces covered in red spots imprinted in their memory.

7. Clipping toenails

Well-tended toes are beautiful. It should be said that some men like to watch women make a manicure. It is a very elegant and sometimes even playful procedure. However, while doing a pedicure, we assume strange poses, not to mention the need to pick between the toes.

It should be noted that many men are absolutely fine with all of the above and stomach it so that their women look gorgeous. Moreover, when we step up our relationship, we should feel more comfortable around our chosen one. What do you think, what are things men shouldn’t see for their own good?