Puzzle: Which Man Won’t Be Faithful To His Wife?

Date May 3, 2019 13:00

Habits and appearance can tell a lot about a person. Every woman likely wants to be sure that her chosen one will be faithful to her.

Before you join lives with your chosen one, you should carefully analyze his behavior and appearance.

Now we invite you to take an interesting test. Look at the picture below. What do you think, which of these men is most likely to cheat on his wife?

Puzzle: Which Man Won’t Be Faithful To His Wife?

Have you figured out a potential cheater? To check your guess, see the answer below.

Based on scientific findings, the man on the right is more inclined to infidelity. The owners of macho appearance and classic masculine features such as a wide jaw, thick eyebrows, and a massive chin, are less likely to resist temptation.

But, of course, facial features alone can’t be 100% accurate in determining someone’s faithfulness. What else should you pay attention to in order to understand how honest your partner is?

Habits of unfaithful men:

  • they often stay late at work;
  • they don’t leave their mobile phones unattended;
  • they pay in cash everywhere;
  • they are prone to sudden mood swings.

Puzzle: Which Man Won’t Be Faithful To His Wife?Загадка: какой мужчина не будет хранить верность женщине?Herrndorff /

Did you give the correct answer? What do you think, what other features of appearance can give away a man unable to stay faithful to his partner? Share your opinion in the comments!

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