“Real Hero”: A Mom Is Eternally Grateful To A Stewardess Who Saved Her Daughter

Date June 3, 2019

Traveling with small children is as exciting and memorable as it is difficult. Each mother rejoices at her baby’s new emotions and impressions, but there can be a lot of problems on the way as well. For example, parents are often embarrassed when their children misbehave or are being naughty in public places. But this is a trifle compared to what this mother had to go through.

“Real Hero”: A Mom Is Eternally Grateful To A Stewardess Who Saved Her DaughterMatej Katelick /

In May of 2019, Lisa Murray went on vacation with her 23-month-old daughter Miley Rose. Judging from the cheerful posts on social networks, both were extremely excited: they were on a few-hour flight by Aer Lingus airline.

It would seem that the girl quickly got comfortable in the new environment. But after a few hours, Lisa noticed that her daughter started frantically gasping for air and turning blue. The girl was choking on a snack.

Lisa started to administer the first aid to Miley herself, but her daughter kept getting worse. Panic spread to other passengers. Fortunately, one of the flight attendants came to the rescue. She quickly calmed down the people around and stabilized Miley’s condition. Within moments, the girl, whose life was just hanging in the balance, was perfectly fine and hugged her savior.

Lisa’s gratitude knew no bounds: she shared her story on Facebook.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Aerlingus staff and customer service Especially this girl chloe😍, Tonight I whitnessed my childs life nearly taken from her she nearly choked to death on the plane she turned blue

This girl calmed the whole plane down and took miley under her wing as if she was one of her own.

A little later, Lisa learned the lifesaver’s name.

Aside from that, the girls’ holidays were wonderful. After returning home, Ms. Murray planned on sending Chloe a thank-you gift, even though she understood that no gratitude could come close to what the flight attendant had done for her.

By the way, many believe that the work of a flight crew is a walk in the park. How difficult can it be to repeat the same instructions, and walk up and down the aisle offering food and drinks? But sometimes, in the moments of crisis, our lives depend on the people whose presence we don’t even notice.