There Was An Accident 1 Hour After This Photo. Mom Believes Proper Car Seat Safety Could Have Saved Lives

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April 16, 2019 14:56 By Fabiosa

A fatal contingency can change lives in a moment. And unfortunately, no one can prepare for a tragedy in advance.

A mother of 3 still remembers that winter day down to the smallest detail. Together with her two sons (4 years old and 17 months old) and 5-year-old daughter, she was going to the neighboring town on business and to show her kids a large shopping center. Her sister-in-law Christine was behind the wheel. It was snowing, so she was driving slowly. All her children were secured in special car seats.

A truck was driving on the wrong side of the road, overtaking another truck. A crash was inevitable. Christine’s last words were:

Hold on, we’re gonna take the ditch.

She tried to save the lives of the passengers but managed to do so only in part: she and two kids died on impact. Only one child and the mom survived with various injuries.

The devastated woman tried to find the cause of the tragedy – why the car seats didn’t save her kids, because they followed all the rules and regulations. After having studied this issue, she wants to amend the legislation regarding the use of car seats depending on the weight and age of the child. She also draws parents’ attention to this problem and urges them to be vigilant.

The mom started a Facebook page where she raises parents’ awareness about children’s car seat safety. Her desire to save other kids is intertwined with the memory of her own.

In each country, the rules for children's car seats may differ, but the main idea is to ensure a child’s safety while in the vehicle.

A study conducted by WHO showed that car seats with children from 0 to 4 years old installed in the direction of movement reduced the risk of injury by 50%, and by 80% in the opposite direction. Compared to the use of regular seatbelts, 4-7-year-old children in safety seats were 59% less likely to sustain injuries.

When choosing a car seat, make sure to consider:

  • the child’s age and weight, sometimes even height;
  • the type of attachment;
  • the product certification, compliance with international standards;
  • the material and quality of all fasteners;
  • the option of different positions for sleep and wakefulness.

It is okay to be careful and even picky when choosing a car seat because you are choosing safety of your children. Don’t neglect the little things; sometimes they decide everything.

Do you use car seats for your kids?

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