Despite Her Struggle, A ‘Miracle’ Girl With A Rare Disease Enjoys Life

Date April 22, 2019 14:24

A child’s illness is always a serious test for the parents. Even a common cold can make them worried, to say nothing of a disease that is complex or rare. Unfortunately, the parents of 2-year-old Olivia Chicchon from California know this too well.

The girl was born with a lymphatic malformation, which affected the right side of her face and neck. It looks like a large swelling due to an abnormal formation of lymphatic vessels. Such cases are as rare as 1 per 4,000 births.

Before the girl was born, doctors warned the parents, Teresa and Ivan, that she might not survive. But the couple didn’t have the slightest doubt that they will have a wonderful daughter. And so it happened!

Olivia is a very cheerful and lively child. Her development goes right on schedule. She loves to sing and dance; she started taking ballet classes. Olivia is surrounded by loving parents and grandparents.

The girl suffers cruel taunting from other children because of her appearance, but she knows how to stay positive. The parents are proud of her fortitude – they say she is beautiful and strong.

The family hopes that ground breaking treatment methods will reduce Olivia’s tumor by half. Everyone is waiting for this miracle!

We join hundreds of warm wishes netizens leave for Olivia on Instagram and under the YouTube videos. We hope her condition will be cured very soon!

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