Girl’s Bones Break Even In The Wind. But Thanks To Her Immense Willpower, She Walked!

Date May 28, 2019

Zoe Lush is only 8 years old, and she has already suffered a lot in life. Despite her difficult condition, thanks to her perseverance and hard work, does everything to live a full life.

Story of the 'girl of crystal'

The girl was born with a rare genetic disease – osteogenesis imperfecta. This disease is characterized by high bone fragility. The patients often lack collagen or its quality is not consistent with the norm. So, Zoe's bones break without any reason. For example, an ordinary sneeze can break her rib.

Zoe’s bones started to break already when her mother was pregnant with her.

By her first birthday, she had broken around 100 bones.

Doctors advised the mother to abort the baby, but she refused. The woman said she loves Zoe and will do everything to make her happy.

The girl is very fragile, her bones literally “break in the wind.”

But Zoe has incredible willpower. She attends physiotherapy and her muscles are getting stronger. This means that over time, they will protect the girl’s bones and fractures will become less frequent.

The girl is regularly undergoing life-saving operations. Zoe courageously takes the news and endures the procedures.

Zoe worked very hard to try to walk with a special device, and she finally did it!

Despite a very serious condition, Zoe remains a cheerful child who rejoices at simple things. Share this girl’s story with your friends to remind everyone that giving up is not an option!