38-Year-Old Single Mother Almost Lost Her Eyesight Because Of A Botched Lip Augmentation

Date July 5, 2019 15:41

We have repeatedly highlighted that a woman’s innocent desire to augment her lips can turn into a real disaster. Well, if all the previous stories weren’t enough, here is yet more proof.

38-year-old Lindsay Collins from Northern Ireland wanted to pamper herself with a popular beauty procedure as a gift to herself for her birthday. She decided to augment her lips. The single mother resorted to the services of a beautician working at home without a license. Lindsay paid a little more than $300 for the injections.

Unfortunately, the consequences of such a decision were dramatic. After a couple of days, Collins' upper lip increased in size several times and began turning blue. In addition, the woman began to suffer pain that was so bad she could neither speak nor sleep nor eat. Lindsay claimed:

I’ve given birth four times, and I would rather do it again than feel that pain.

In the end, the woman had to visit the hospital, where a nurse explained to her that the drug was inserted incorrectly. Collins shared more details of the disastrous procedure:

The beautician injected into my artery, which could have traveled up and made me go blind. When I heard that, my heart just sunk.

The woman had to take sick leave and tried not to leave the house for a whole month. Lindsay was incredibly depressed because of the damage done to her appearance.

Fortunately, after a course of strong antibiotics, Lindsay started to feel better, but her lips are now full of scars and she doesn't have full sensation as she did prior to the procedure.

Now, Collins intends to sue the pseudo-cosmetologist, as well as warn all women what can come of beauty treatments from specialists without a license.