5-Year-Old Girl Guides Her Blind Father To Work And Back Every Day

Date March 29, 2019

Most parents will probably stop at nothing for the sake of their children. However, some kids show no less dedication, wanting to help their mom or dad in times of difficulty.

Nelson Pepe from the Philippines works on a farm, extracting coconuts. Despite his blindness, he harvests the nuts from 60 palms a day, earning money for his family.

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Nelson’s 5-year-old daughter Jenny takes him to the farm every day and then brings him back home. The girl became the eyes of her blind father.

The video, which shows Jenny leading Nelson through a farm, has won the hearts of thousands of people and gathered over 3 million views.

ABC-CBN representatives, who learned about this story, even decided to allocate the funds from their own earnings for the father’s treatment.

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He was taken to hospital in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where doctors diagnosed Nelson with retinal detachment and retinitis pigmentosa.

The foundation also intends to help Pepe and his family move to a safer environment. In addition, the man was given money to open his own store to stop him from risking his life by climbing palm trees.

Earlier we also told you about 6-year-old Jia-Jia from China, who has been caring for her paralyzed father for already 2 years, after her mother left the family.

5-Year-Old Girl Guides Her Blind Father To Work And Back Every DaySouth China Morning Post / YouTube

These stories remind us that dedication to those dearest to us isn’t alien even to children!

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