7 Signs That Your Partner Is Looking For A New Woman

Date May 13, 2019 16:27

Have you noticed that you get worried about your relationship with your husband more and more often? Do you have suspicions that someone else has won his heart? Perhaps your intuition is right.

Why he may cheat and what it depends on

His gender. It is believed that men are more prone to cheating than women. This is all because of the testosterone hormone.

Personal (religious, political, etc.) attitudes and human qualities. A person with stringent morals and upbringing would rarely decide on a cheating adventure, unlike an avid deceiver.

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Environment. Frequent smashing of dishes, “escaping to mother,” and mutual accusations work like a black hole, sucking love from a couple.

Work. When a man has predominantly young and attractive girls around him, the chance of having an affair increases significantly.

If you have noticed more than 3 points from the list below, it's time to figure out what happened or didn’t happen between you.

1. Listens inattentively, speaks little and abstractly

Your partner loses interest when you share your thoughts with him, avoids eye contact, doesn’t want to let you inside his personal boundaries.

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2. Changes habits and appearance

He's started going to the gym, lost a few pounds, uses a new cologne, and takes care of himself more.

3. Avoids spending time with you

Your husband hides the phone, hangs up incoming calls, and leaves to another room to talk.

4. Stops trying to improve the relationship or take initiative

You must have forgotten the last time you had a romantic dinner. You've started spending evenings lonely more and more often. Well, he must be enjoying another woman when you are alone.

5. Asks for intimacy more often than usual

Contrary to popular belief, passiveness in bed isn’t necessarily a sign of cheating. Infidelity often gives the sensation of the necessity to hide or compensate.

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6. Leaves direct evidence

Brochures from restaurants where you haven’t been, bills for flowers that you haven’t received, and a fresh look and pleasant smell after a hard day – this is the clearest evidence of another woman.

7. Mutual friends drop hints

Your friend recommends watching a new comedy about adultery; another one asks to call your husband, who is late for dinner for already two hours. And what do you do? You increasingly find yourself thinking that “this can’t be true.”

Qualities that will help determine the right person

  1. Such a person will most likely not hesitate to appear with you in public.
  2. He doesn’t change you, but will instead be your missing puzzle piece, share your values, and enjoy your circle of close friends.
  3. Tries to make your life happier and more beautiful.

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They say that the one to cheat will cheat again. Is it true? The person who hurts you deliberately must be erased from your life. Such nuances as lunch with female colleagues or chat rooms with strangers on networks should be discussed in advance not to be developed into unnecessary problems. Be sincere with your partner about what your understanding is of infidelity.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.