After 23 Years Of Marriage, Husband Confessed His Untraditional Orientation. His Wife And Son Did The Same!

Date July 9, 2019 17:47

Even longstanding marriages aren’t eternal. People can leave for different reasons: cheating, mismatched goals, or loss of love and happiness. Our story today is rather extraordinary. Moreover, it ended in a very unexpected way for the entire family.

Bruce Downer lived with his wife Joanne for 23 years. During this time, they welcomed and raised two sons. But the seemingly happy couple still ended in divorce. After the separation, the woman made an unexpected confession: she came out as gay. Moreover, her husband, Bruce, revealed the same “problem!” Do you think that is the end? Their younger son also came out of the closet!

None of the spouses guessed that their partner hid the same secret. According to media reports, Bruce claimed his ex-wife was happy in a new relationship and was preparing for the wedding.

He moved to New York and got the opportunity to be himself for the first time in many years. In 2019, he went to one of the most anticipated events of the LGBT community, his third Pride parade. His younger son, Tyler, accompanied the dad during the festival. By the way, the young man wasn’t afraid to reveal his secret – he knew that the parents would understand and support him.

Such activities as LGBT parades can be treated ambiguously. But Pride is really worth attention because of its scale. It represents a procession of pride and symbolizes the fact that the modern world should accept the rights of people with unconventional orientation.

The mass protests in New York in the summer of 1969 became the beginning of this movement. It happened on the last Saturday of June. Later, this day became the unofficial date of the annual marches of Pride. The first procession took place in Chicago in 1970. The very next day after it, representatives of the LGBT community in Los Angeles also went to a similar parade. Today, such traditions exist far beyond the US.

The participants of the first processions pursued quite understandable goals: they tried to get the right to a normal life and happiness, and end severe discrimination. Besides this, the parades turned into incredibly bright and even fun events with an abundance of colorful attributes. In fact, over time, people began to celebrate their differences.

In 2019, Pride celebrated its 50th anniversary. According to media reports, this event was one of the most ambitious in the history of New York’s parades. The number of participants in the event reached 150K people, and this is about twice as many as in other years with “decent attendance"!

But back to the heroes of our story. Surprisingly, there were three people who came out as gay in this family. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.