Brave Granny-To-Be Became A Surrogate Mother For Her Own Grandson. One Can Only Dream Of Such A Mother-In-Law!

Date March 29, 2019 17:15

Public attitude toward surrogacy has recently become increasingly positive, although in many countries this is still prohibited by law. Nevertheless, this is one of the chances for the couples, who for various reasons can’t conceive children on their own, as well as for single people who dreamed of becoming parents.

Some families choose a surrogate mother among unfamiliar women, carefully studying their stories, while others prefer someone close to give the most important gift in their lives. This is exactly what happened to Kayla and Cody Jones.

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The young couple got married in 2012. From the very beginning, the couple knew that they had to face a lot of challenges before they could become parents since the Kayla couldn’t have children because of surgery she had in her youth, which required a partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Nevertheless, they didn’t give up and were looking for an ideal surrogate mother for a long time. However, she turned out to be much closer than the couple had assumed at the very beginning of their journey.

Seeing the desperate desire of her son and daughter-in-law to become parents, Cody's mother, Patty, offered herself for this role. Given the age of the woman who has already turned 50, and the fact that she has reached menopause, she had to undergo more than one examination before the doctors made sure she could be used as a surrogate.

The first attempt to transfer the embryo in March 2017 was unsuccessful. In such a situation, many would have given up, but Patty was determined to fulfill Kayla and Cody’s dreams. Already in May of the same year, the test was shining with two cherished stripes.

Fortunately, the pregnancy was successful, although Patty needed hormone injections in the first trimester.

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Patty’s son and daughter-in-law surrounded her with care, being grateful for the opportunity to raise their own son. On December 30, 2017, thanks to the selfless and courageous grandma-to-be, Kross finally saw this world.

The charming boy has become the main treasure for the whole family. How many women can expect that their mothers-in-law will be ready for such a challenge for their sake?

We don’t know whether the parents will ever tell Kross his fantastic birth story. However, the boy, Kayla, and Cody can clearly be proud of its main heroine – Grandma Patty!

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