Cute Girl With A Rare Form Of Dwarfism Becomes An Internet Sensation Because Of Her Singing

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April 10, 2019 17:52 By Fabiosa

Having a child with a genetic disorder is an ordeal for any family. Such children can be extraordinarily attractive, like little Mehlani with amazing eyes, although her parents find nothing cute about such a feature. Abnormal birth can also threaten a baby’s life, like in the case of little Batya, whose life was saved despite the doctors’ persuasions.


A post shared by Grace Anna Sings (@graceannasings) on


A post shared by Grace Anna Sings (@graceannasings) on

The heroine of today’s story, Grace Anna, was born with a rare form of dwarfism. Even during pregnancy, her mother, Angie Rogers, was recommended to have an abortion since the life of the baby would be traumatic. But the family decided to fight for her life till the end.

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The girl was born with Conradi-Hunermann syndrome. This genetic disease affects about one out of 200,000 children and is a type of chondrodysplasia. It is characterized by skeletal deformities, in particular, the facial area, growth deficiency, scoliosis, scaly skin lesions, sparse and coarse hair, and many other health problems, including dysfunction in eyesight and hearing.

Grace Anna was a little less than 2 years old when she started singing – even before speaking! This was also surprising because the girl had difficulties hearing.

Despite numerous problems, the baby grew up very cheerful. Her optimism inspired faith in her parents, and her singing became an integral part of family life. When the mother realized that her daughter had a good ear for music, she began to record short clips of her “performances,” and posted them on the internet. Grace Anna has her own channel on YouTube, and the number of subscribers to her Facebook page has already exceeded 1 million!

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Mom regularly shares her successes and new performances. In a short time from a girl with disabilities, she has turned into an internet sensation. Nevertheless, the media coverage is focused more on the fact that she likes to sing, and she does it well.

Rogers wrote a book that can be bought at a low price, where she talks about what her little star has already gone through. You shouldn’t assume that this is a plea for sympathy or help. Angie simply wants to show the world how unique and ingenious people with different “defects” are. By her own example, she also seeks to prove to humanity that every child is beautiful and deserves life, no matter how hard it may be.

Singing isn’t Grace’s only talent. She also plays the keyboard beautifully.

No matter how difficult a situation the parents may find themselves in, the music and joyful voice of their daughter always fills their house. And you can just admire the optimism of this sweet girl. What about do you think her talents? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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