Daughter, 34, And Her Mother, 57, Look Like Twins! It’s Tough To Figure Out Who Is Older

Date April 3, 2019

Many people inherit several appearance traits of their parents, becoming their younger copies over the years. And then you get some mothers and daughters who look literally like sisters, confusing others.


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Andrea Malczewski (left), 34, currently lives in Hawaii. Her mother Sharon (right), who lives in Washington, is 57 years old. Both women work in hair salons. Although their age difference is 23 years, the mom and daughter look almost like twins!

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It's hard to believe that Sharon is almost 60. The secret of the woman's youth is simple: she leads an active lifestyle, takes care of herself, and has a wonderful sense of style. In this case, Sharon doesn’t seek to dress younger deliberately.


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Andrea admitted that she and her mother are often mistaken for sisters.

It is pretty funny when people ask “are you two sisters?” But it’s no surprise because my mum looks more like she is in her thirties than nearly 60.

Sharon loves to go shopping with Andrea because she always shares her sincere opinion. In addition, as hairdressers, mother and daughter trust their hair only to one another.


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Andrea said that Sharon is her partner in jogging, her own stylist, and the person who will always listen to her at any time of the day.

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By the way, besides the daughter, the 57-year-old woman also has a 32-year-old son and two grandchildren. However, the status of a grandmother doesn’t prevent her from being stylish and beautiful.


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By the way, we have earlier told you about 43-year-old Jessica Enslow, who also looks like her daughter’s sister.


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Looking the same age as your children is a great achievement. However, the main thing is that only an active lifestyle and self-care have helped the heroines of our stories to reach this! Can you also boast of such incredible beauty? Share your stories in the comments.

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