Farmer Family Got An Island For 3 Years And A $20,000 Salary, But Lasted Only A Month

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June 11, 2019 14:55 By Fabiosa

Many of us have dreamed of going to a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, away from the city bustle and worries, where you can be alone with your thoughts. Sometimes, quite tempting offers arise on the media, and hundreds of people receive such a chance. In most cases, they don’t completely own the place, but get it as a job with decent pay. The Scharer family were lucky to receive such a chance. They won the competition and became the residents of a picturesque island near North Wales, United Kingdom. However, their “reign” didn’t last for long.

Bardsey is an impressive coastline with rich wildlife and fascinating history. Since the last century, the island has been a nature reserve and an object of scientific interest of international importance. Tourists didn’t bypass this place of wild nature as well: about 2,000 people visit it annually. There are just a dozen buildings here: a few comfortable cottages, a functioning farm, and an observatory for bird watching. The last two establishments had previously been run by the Evans family in three generations. By the way, one of the 10 cottages was given to them in gratitude for the great job done throughout these years.

The Bardsey Island Trust fund announced the results of the competition for the new managers of the farm, nature reserve, and the observatory. Beating around 50 other families, the Sharer family, farmer Ned, his wife Sophie, and their two children signed a three-year contract.

It would seem that life in the fresh air is an excellent start for a new, calm, and challenging experience. Moreover, the Scharers’ monthly income would amount to a little over $20,000. Many of us wouldn’t have refused such an offer, would you?

However, after the first day on the island, Ned remained completely alone. His son severely injured his foot, slipping on the stones as soon as he stepped on the shore. As a result, he was to leave for the mainland. Although the mainland was just 2 miles away, the family had to wait for a rescue helicopter: due to the bad weather, it was dangerous to go by boat.

Waiting for the return of his wife and son, Ned tried to manage the objects entrusted to him alone, but this turned out to be tough. Just a month after arriving, he returned to the mainland as well.

Fortunately, the boy’s injury wasn’t too serious, and his recovery was quick. Although the Scharers lost their chance to live and work on Bardsey, according to some media reports, their son received an unusual memorable souvenir: a scar that resembled the shape of the island.

Hardly anyone receives a similar gift of fate, so people try to use such possibilities by all means. The Scharers decided to abandon the dream and stable income for the sake of children’s safety. What would you do in their place? Share your thoughts in the comments.