Granny Decided To Pose On An Icy Throne But Almost Found Herself "In Neptune’s Clutches"

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March 11, 2019 11:21 By Fabiosa

Nothing will stop people if they want to take a spectacular photo. However, such thoughtless actions are often very dangerous. There is a risk of deceiving yourself instead of receiving an impressive image. At the same time, the result will meet the expectation if everything ends safely.

Catherine Streng told about this exact experience. A dangerous situation happened to her grandmother, who went on vacation to Iceland with Catherine’s father.

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During one of the walks at the local lagoon, an elderly woman decided to arrange a photo session to show her granddaughter the icy landscapes. She saw how other people posed on icebergs and chose to repeat the same.

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The woman chose an ice block resembling a throne, comfortably settled on it, and asked Catherine's father to take a picture. He took the first shot. After that, they witnessed a big wave coming to the shore. Surprisingly, it began to carry the piece of the iceberg to the open sea. Instead of helping the scared grandmother, Catherine’s father… continued taking pictures of how the icy “throne” sailed farther and farther from the coast.

Fortunately, there was a professional lifeguard nearby. The captain of the boat made a quick decision to rescue the elderly woman. He towed the "throne" with its passenger to the shore. Hooray, it all ended well!

Catherine posted the story of her grandmother in her Twitter account that instantly went viral. Most readers had fun over the "iceberg queen," rejoicing over the successful outcome.

What about you? Have you ever had such a risky experience? Share with us in the comments.

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