Groom Forbade His Sister To Attend His Wedding Because She Refused To Cover Up During Breastfeeding

Date May 15, 2019 17:20

Maternity is beautiful in all its forms, although some aspects still cause heated debate among people. One of them is breastfeeding. While mothers all over the world are upholding their right to feed a child when it needs, no matter where they are, some consider such behavior inappropriate and even disgusting.


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It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised with such remarks to a nursing mom. But what if the difference in opinions results in the ruin of family members' relationship? In May 2019, Metro has shared a rather unusual story about siblings’ argument.


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The young man delivered his sister an ultimatum: she could come to his wedding with her little son only if she was ready to cover up during breastfeeding. She refused, appealing that it is her right at the legislative level. The argument ended with a relationship break – the man completely forbade his sister to come.

Good bye. Never talk to me again. If you show up at my wedding, I will call the police.

Don’t forget that while an adult can skip a meal without significant damage to health, it can cause severe harm to a baby. Infants feed more often, so hunger can catch them anywhere, including outside the home.

Jennifer Mancuso also shared her breastfeeding story. In her native state Ohio, public breastfeeding is allowed by law. However, she was asked to move to a staff room to feed the twins in one of the children's institutions, as this could be misunderstood by older children and people who considered such behavior offensive. Nevertheless, Jennifer didn’t leave this incident without attention but told it all on social networks.

Since there is no single point on this matter, the internet is full of heated discussions. One Reddit user considered this unacceptable and even disgusting. Not everyone agreed with him.


If the woman uses a blanket or covers up or is just not being a spectacle than it's fine. Most women that breastfeed their kids are decent about it, there will always be a few trashy ones but that's to be expected with anything.


I never thought of it this way, but I think eating in public is gross, so why should I give infants a pass?


As a woman, I do agree. I would not be comfortable breastfeeding in public. I just don’t feel that’s decent to do in public.


Just don’t look. I don’t know what’s so gross about it.

Users have also actively discussed whether it was worth it for nursing mothers to have some form of cover with them.


I am in my early 30s and agree with the general consensus that a mom and baby should do whatever they are comfortable with be it cover or no cover.

I went to the zoo once with another breastfeeding mom and when we stopped for lunch in a temperature controlled environment, I covered and she didn’t. She laughed and told me I didn’t need to do that and actually tugged my cover down. I was furious.


I don't care at all. Whatever works for the mom and her baby. Personally I didn't breastfeed at all in public because my son would not nurse underneath a cover at all (he thought it was a game so he'd rip it off to play with).


Just let me feed my baby. Please.


I breastfed both my children till they were almost three, and I never exposed myself.

Although opinions are divided, most believe that the main thing is the comfort of the mother and the child. What about you? What do you think about public breastfeeding? Share your thoughts in the comments.