Home Childbirth: Who Of The Celebrities Have First-Hand Experience

Date April 3, 2019 11:32

Not so long ago, home birth sounded ridiculous, because women preferred to deliver children safely in hospitals, not counting the rare cases where it wasn’t possible to bring the pregnant woman to a medical establishment.

Celebrities that preferred to deliver kids at home

The number of women who preferred to welcome babies within their home walls has been gradually increasing. At first, they didn’t talk about this much. Things changed when celebrities started to join ranks in sharing their unusual experience. Eventually, more and more people revealed the stories of their babies' births.

So, which stars decided to give birth at home?

Meryl Streep


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The famous actress gave birth to her fourth, last child at home.

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Cindy Crawford

After welcoming a daughter and a son at home, the model didn’t talk about this for a while, since childbirth in such a way yielded criticism at the time.

Hilary Duff


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During labor, the actress was accompanied by her mother, husband, a midwife, and a photographer, who filmed the daughter’s birth process in the pool in the middle of the room.

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Gisele Bündchen

The famous model refuted the information that she delivered a son in an elite clinic. It was a water birth at home.

Julianne Moore

The red-haired beauty became a mother for the second time at home. The experience was successful, now the actress is promoting it.

Demi Moore


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Bruce Willis’ three daughters were born in the presence of midwives and photographers who filmed home births for the family archive.

Pamela Anderson

Both sons of the daring actress were born at home. Despite the pain, she refused pain relief, having decided to feel the joy of motherhood in its complete form.

What do you feel about home birth? Has there been a similar experience among your friends? Share your stories in the comments.

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