How “Funny Girl” With A Big Nose Became The Perfect Wife For “The Most Handsome Man”: Barbra Streisand’s Life Story

Date March 26, 2019 08:38

While Barbra Streisand’s talent doesn’t cause any doubts, her appearance has always been questioned by many. Against the background of deep-set and radiant eyes, her large nose looked alien. However, it soon became one of her distinctive features. Barbra has been happily married for already more than two decades. However, her life could hardly be called easy or harmonious in its early stages.

William Mann’s Hello, Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand revealed some details about the singer’s early years. Streisand has been a very passionate person since her youth. This probably explains her inherent artistic inclination and ability to capture the public’s attention.

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The first big love in Barbra’s life happened when she was only 18. The romantic affairs with actor Barry Dennen developed quickly, but were doomed from the very beginning because the young couple didn’t share common views. Nevertheless, Barbra gave much in this relationship and suffered a lot when it ended.

In those times, she was still shy and unsure of herself. As an artist starting out, she was advised to do rhinoplasty, but the fear of the operation stopped the girl. To emphasize her uniqueness, she dropped one of the letters “a” from her name, turning into Barbra.

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The magnificent voice, gifted by nature, became the opportunity to stay afloat when she took her first steps in cinematography. In 1962, the performer married actor Elliot Gould.

This event coincided with the rise of her popularity: shortly after the wedding, Streisand recorded the first few albums. She became really famous, especially after her first film, Funny Girl. However, even her firstborn son Jason didn’t save the marriage. Gould was unemployed, so the success of his wife was a burden for him. In 1971, the couple split.

Although Barbra may not seem beautiful for some, men simply worshiped her. Her admirers included Liam Neeson, Andre Agassi, and Don Johnson (one of Melanie Griffith’s former spouses).

She eventually found happiness in 1996, when she met famous actor and one of the most attractive men of her time, James Brolin. In 2016, in an interview for W, Barbra said that their first date was blind, and she won his heart with her naturalness and sincerity. In 1998, the couple legalized their relationship by inviting only the closest relatives and friends to a touching and beautiful ceremony. In 2018, they celebrated their 20th awedding anniversary.

Streisand and Brolin got married when both were already over 50. However, after a series of failed relationships, this alliance brought them happiness. The secrets of a healthy marriage, as Barbra mentioned for Extra, turned out to be... kindness, honesty, and compassion. Not beauty, not money, not huge success. She finally felt protected next to Brolin.

Each couple has their own secret to happiness. It seems neither Barbra nor James regretted having tied their lives, due to their age and rich experience of previous relationships. What do you think is the key to a happy marriage? What is your secret? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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