Husband Forced His Wife To Choose Between Him And Her Dogs. What Did It Lead To?

Date May 20, 2019 17:43

49-year-old Liz Haslam and her ex-husband, Mike, have known each other since 16. At this age, they met and fell head over heels in love with each other. After graduating from high school, they got married and moved from their parents to the countryside. They had a big house and soon welcomed a son – Ollie. They lived happily for 25 years until facing a problematic situation. Liz’ husband suddenly demanded her to decide:

It’s me or the dogs!

Let us clarify the situation a bit more. After 25 years of living in a country house, Liz decided to start her own business dedicated to homeless bull terriers. Mike believed that their relationship had ceased to be romantic after Liz became completely absorbed in worries about her dogs.

Since some of the dogs suffered from diseases, they couldn’t be quickly adopted by other families. Liz has such an unconventional love of dogs for a good reason! Her father owned a dog food business, and her mother bred small and cute West Highland White Terriers. Liz realized that she had lacked dog in her life, since she had been brought up in close contact with them.

After a constructive dialogue, the couple decided to divorce, as their views began to diverge significantly. Mike wanted to be in the first place of Liz’ priority list but was ranked second or even third in the fight for her attention. By the way, he also didn’t find time for his wife.

I didn't want to be a work widow, so I buried myself in my dogs.

Now Liz has 30 dogs, and they all need attention and help. Sometimes, she needs 18 hours a day to care for the pets, so there is absolutely no time left for herself, let alone anyone else. However, even though Liz lost Mike’s support, her home shelter Beds for Bullies continues to live on donations.

Our heroine had a difficult period in her life after parting with her husband because she was in cash debt and even lived in a tent for the first time. The love of dogs helped her cope with all of her difficulties. Her organization has saved more than 200 dogs, and the number continues to grow! Liz is happy that she was able to stand on her own feet and feels great because she is doing what she enjoys!