“I Am 39, My Daughters Are 21, My Granddaughters Are 2.” A Young Granny Looks Just The Same Age As Her Girls

Date July 10, 2019 10:22

The skin's youthfulness depends on many factors, and genetics plays a significant role here. Constant stress, unhealthy diet, neglect of healthy sleep, lack of physical activity – all these may contribute to the early appearance of edema, wrinkles, and ptosis, among others.

“I Am 39, My Daughters Are 21, My Granddaughters Are 2.” A Young Granny Looks Just The Same Age As Her GirlsErica Smit /

Our heroine for today is the grandmother to two granddaughters at just 39! At the same time, she looks the same age as her daughters. Babeta explains:

I am 39, my daughters are 21, my granddaughters are 2.

Of course, 39 is a very young age, but the woman looks much younger! Babeta has a blog on Instagram and doesn’t forget to share her beauty and youth secrets with subscribers regularly.

Babeta writes a lot about nutrition and sports. She believes that the most wholesome food is always as simple as possible. It is desirable to exclude sugar, convenience foods, and bread from the diet, but still allow yourself the forbidden once a week. We also must not forget about physical activity. The woman shares:

The most effective exercises in my experience are burpee + stretching.

Of course, rest and relaxation are very important here:

You should relax at any opportunity. Play with your children, take up a hobby, and tell your parents that you need them because these are the most important things in our life.

And, of course, our inner world is reflected in our appearance, so you should pay as much time as possible to it.

Babeta writes about trivial things that many of us, unfortunately, forget. She reminds us to worry less, not to complain about life, not to fuss around, not to envy, and to try to be excellent in everything. It is important to remember about kindness, taking care of others, and not gloating.

We often resort to more sophisticated ways while trying to preserve youth and beauty. We turn to clinics, get beauty injections, and forget that a person’s lifestyle is often reflected on the face. Maybe, before deciding on radical measures, you should follow Babeta’s advice and do a general cleansing of body and soul. Try to abandon bad habits, improve your sleep and nutrition, walk more, play sports, and be kinder. What do you think about such a change in lifestyle? Share your impressions in the comments.

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