Mom Of A 14-Year-Old Boy Who Does Makeup And Wears Women's Clothes Shared Her Unusual Story

Date June 17, 2019

Today, makeup is traditionally associated with women, but we forget that this isn’t always the case. Many centuries ago, men used natural dyes in eyeliner, eyebrows, and shadows to war-paint their faces or to get the favor of gods and spirits. They attracted luck and wealth or pointed to their status in this way.

Since about the 19th century, any adornment of men’s faces began to be considered an “abomination” and an indicator of femininity. However, fashion is cyclical, and makeup art is gradually becoming unisex again.

On one forum, the mother of a 14-year-old son asked the question: what should she do if her son wants to wear women's clothes and do makeup?

Internet users have suggested not to punish her son, which can only make him more distant and reserved. The best option is to be supportive because he will most likely have to face rejection in society. 

@Shin Chan:

You need to be strong and be ready to face the cruel society. Help him by going shopping with him, choosing right shades for his makeup.

@Dakota Morrill:

How someone dresses has no effect on their sexuality or gender identity and you shouldn’t make your child or anyone believe that.

The world doesn’t end only because the boy started to use makeup. Moreover, it doesn’t even necessarily affect his orientation and may only be a way of self-expression.

Who knows, maybe this boy will become a famous makeup artist in the future? If you decide to forbid him to do this, don’t forget that such fruit is bitter and you will only cause strong protest within a child.

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