Mom Showed How A Napkin Can Lull A Child. Brilliant!

Date May 16, 2019 17:57

Children bring their moms and dads much joy – and at times, a lot of troubles. This is especially true of newborn babies who can’t express what concerns them.

Mom Showed How A Napkin Can Lull A Child. Brilliant!Konstantin Tronin /

Even though mothers are often exhausted after labor, they can become even more depressed soon after. They may feel powerless, thinking they are worthless mothers.

Mom Showed How A Napkin Can Lull A Child. Brilliant!Africa Studio /

Today we want to share with you a simple trick that can become a real salvation for the new parents. And you can definitely use it everywhere!

Nathan Dailo, a YouTuber from Australia, shared a video in which he used a napkin to lull a baby in less than a minute. He gently strokes the opened napkin over the infant’s face that immediately falls asleep. Isn't it a miracle?

Important: the napkin should contain no fragrances, and it should be fresh, just taken out of the pack.

Nathan warned parents that every child is different. Even if this worked with his baby, it doesn’t mean it will 100% help with all others. But we still have at least one video evidence that this trick also works on another child.

As you can see, you can try to calm even the most whimpering baby in this magically delicate way.

Mom Showed How A Napkin Can Lull A Child. Brilliant!baby body languageOksana Kuzmina /

If rocking and other traditional rituals don’t help, you should try this method. Who knows, maybe it will suddenly become your magic wand?