She Welcomed 10 Children, But Still Looks 25. What Is The Secret Of Her Youth?

Date March 25, 2019

Nowadays, young couples can’t easily decide even on a single child, so large families often deserve great admiration.

Looking at the heroine of our story for today, beautiful and slim blonde Victoria, it is hard to believe she is the mother of 10! This charming woman has 4 daughters and 6 sons.

If somebody told me that I would have 10 children, I would never believe them. I thought that I would have three, no more.

Victoria leads a reserved lifestyle, so each of her new selfies or photos with her family in social networks is highly anticipated by her subscribers.

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Recently, my masseuse told me: "Our sons are friends. Once, he said to me: 'Did you see his mom? She is 25! How can he be her son?'"

At the same time, the woman admitted that she didn’t always look like this:

It flatters me when they say that I look 25. It is especially pleasant to hear this, remembering that I weighed more than 220 lb when I was pregnant with triplets. Luckily, now I know what proper nutrition is and how to stick to it.

Victoria's secret of beauty and harmony is simple: she leads a healthy lifestyle, monitors her diet, exercises in the mornings, and works out three days a week in the gym. The woman noted that the welfare of her family doesn’t play a significant role in this matter.

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Why do you need money to get up in the morning and run, squat, or avoid drinking cola and eating junk food? Of course, money provides your life with comfort, but it can’t give you willpower.

Victoria also said that their family doesn’t indulge the children. Each of them has their own responsibilities. Moreover, there is a cleaning schedule in the kitchen. The spouses also prohibit children from using mobile phones until they are 10.

The way this beauty looks after herself after welcoming 10 children and how she copes with their upbringing definitely deserves admiration. Do you think Victoria can serve as a role model not only in beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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